02 - 04 APRIL, 2020, NAIROBI

DCA 2020


Why attend Discon 2020?

Every year, friends and family of Rotary in District 9212 (Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan) meet for the annual District Conference Assembly (DisCon). The 95th DisCon comes to Nairobi, Kenya- the city under the sun- on 2nd to 4th April, 2020 at the Safaricom Stadium in Kasarani.

This is a unique conference, for a number of reasons:

1. Composition: It is a joint conference for Rotarians and Rotaractors, bringing together unique strengths, experiences and exposure to chart a rejuvenated future for Rotary.

2. Attendance: It will be attended by global trailblazers in Rotary, Rotaract, International Organizations, as well as leaders in public and private sectors, as well as the development world, sharing relevant international perspectives that shape our world.

3. Engaging: A departure from typical conference presentations, the DicCon 2020 will offer participants unrivalled opportunities to engage in enriching discussions on topical issues.

4. Entertainment: Music- an international language and food for the soul- will characterize the conference, providing the much needed break from the formal sessions of DisCon 2020.

5. Educative: Discon 2020 offers you ample formal and informal time meet and learn from Rotarians in District 9212 and beyond, and engage in partnerships, sharing of best practices and discuss other common interests, on the sidelines of the conference.

6. Transformative: DisCon 2020 will harness your leadership potential and prepare you to become a better and effective in Rotary as well as your vocation.

7. Home Hospitality & Homestays: And since fun, friendship, family and fellowship are characteristic of Rotarians, you will have a chance to visit with fellow Rotarians and break bread together with them at home.

Be a part of this unrivalled experience. Come meet, interact, learn and share with like-minded people during the DisCon 2020.

Who's Speaking?

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Rotary International President's Personal Representative | Rotarian | Trustee 2019-23 | Rotary Club of Windsor - Roseland, Ontario, Canada

Joe Otin

Joe Otin

District Governor 9212 | Rotarian | Founder & Ceo The Collective

Patrick Obath

Patrick Obath

District Governor Elect RID | 9212, Rotarian | Entrepreneur

George Mathenge

George Mathenge

Rotary District 9212 Treasurer | Rotarian | Entrepreneur

Alex Nyaga

Alex Nyaga

District Governor Nominee RID 9212 | Rotarian | Ceo - Parapet Cleaning Services

James Mwangi

James Mwangi

District Conference 2020 Chair | Rotarian | General Manager - Eneshipai Lodge & Resort

Event Schedules

1Registration08:00 - 17:00Safaricom Stadium
2Introduction of the District Conference Chairman14:00 - 14:05Safaricom Stadium
3Official Opening & welcome Address Inter Faith Invocation Invocation & Memoriam Flags Ceremony Clubs Roll CallJames Mwangi 14:05 - 14:45Safaricom Stadium
4District Awards CeremonyJoe Otin 14:45 - 15:45Safaricom Stadium
5Health Break14:45 - 16:30Safaricom Stadium
6Opening Concert16:30 - 19:00Safaricom Stadium
1Registration07.30 – 18.00Safaricom Stadium
2Early Morning Power Sessions08.00 – 9.00Safaricom Stadium
3Call to Order09.15 – 09.30Safaricom Stadium
4Conference Chair Welcome Address & Introduction of DGJames Mwangi 09.30 - 09.35Safaricom Stadium
5DG Recognition of Guests & Welcome Address Joe Otin 09.35 – 09.55Safaricom Stadium
6Introduction of Rotary International President’s RepresentativeJoe Otin 09.55 – 10.00Safaricom Stadium
7Address by Rotary International President’s RepresentativeJennifer Jones 10.00 – 10.15Safaricom Stadium
8Introduction of Key note Speaker10.15 – 10.20Safaricom Stadium
9Global Opportunities for the Youth Address by Guest Speaker10.20 – 11.20Safaricom Stadium
10Q&A11.20 – 11.55Safaricom Stadium
11Vote of ThanksJoe Otin 11.55 – 12.00Safaricom Stadium
12Group Photo12.00 – 12.30Safaricom Stadium
13LUNCH BREAK12.30 – 14.00Safaricom Stadium
14Call to order14.00 – 14.10Safaricom Stadium
15People of Action, Rotary’s global advertising campaign14.10 – 14.15Safaricom Stadium
16Introduction of Guest 15.00 – 15.05 Safaricom Stadium
17Dynamic membership for impact and sustainability15.05 – 15.50Safaricom Stadium
18Vote of Thanks15.50 – 16.05Safaricom Stadium
19Nomination Procedures for DGN 202216.05 – 16.10Safaricom Stadium
20Procedure of election of representatives to DGN Nomination Committee16.10 – 16.15Safaricom Stadium
21Rotary International President’s Representative ReflectionsJennifer Jones 16.15 – 16.30Safaricom Stadium
22Announcements16.30 – 16.35Safaricom Stadium
23Rotary: HOME HOSPITALITY NIGHT16.35 – 17.30
24Rotaract: The Party17.30 - 00.00Safaricom Stadium
1Early Morning Power Sessions08.00 – 09.00Safaricom Stadium
2Call to Order09.15 – 09.30Safaricom Stadium
3Introduction of DGE Patrick ObathJoe Otin 09.30 – 09.35Safaricom Stadium
4Introduction of Rotary International Theme for 2020/2021Patrick Obath 09.35 – 09.55Safaricom Stadium
5Announcements09.55 – 10.05Safaricom Stadium
6TEA BREAK10.05 – 11.00Safaricom Stadium
7District Accounts 2019/20George Mathenge 11.05 – 11.35Safaricom Stadium
8District Budget 2020/202111.35 – 11.45Safaricom Stadium
9Breakout sessions: 1. Telling your people of action story; 
2. The Power fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups; 
3. CEO Connect: Best communication practices for Club leaders 11.45 – 12.45Safaricom Stadium
10Call to Order14.00 – 14.05Safaricom Stadium
11Break-out Sessions 4. End Polio now: Fund raising towards the Finish; Equipping the next Generation of Leaders; 
5. Strong Projects strengthen Clubs; 6. 14.05 – 15.05Safaricom Stadium
12Presentation of District Conference 202115.05 – 15.25Safaricom Stadium
13On to Honolulu Promotion15.25 – 15.45Safaricom Stadium
14Presentation of the Discon 2020 Organizing Committee15.45 – 15.55Safaricom Stadium
15We are stronger together - DRR’s Reflection15.55 - 16.10Safaricom Stadium
16The Power of Rotary – DG’s Reflection16.10 – 16.30Safaricom Stadium
17Presentation of District Governor Nominee 2021-202216.30 – 16.50
18District Conference resolutions16.50 – 17.10 Safaricom Stadium
19Rotary International President’s Representative Reflections and Final Remarks17.10 – 17.30Safaricom Stadium
20Announcements & Closing17.30 – 17.35Safaricom Stadium
21TEA BREAK17.35 - Safaricom Stadium
22GALA DINNER Handing over of the Chains for both Rotary and Rotaract Acceptance Speeches19.00 – 22.00Safaricom Stadium
  • Registration
  • Meals
  • Workshops
  • Registration
  • Meals
  • Workshops

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DCA 2020 gives you an opportunity to interact, share and learn from fellow rotarians.


DCA 2020 is held in Kasarani, Nairobi giving you an opportunity to explore one of the most amazing cities in Africa.

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